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Tourist areas fear a worker shortage under visa rules

Thousands of companies across the country are competing for the limited number of visas on a first-come, first-serve basis, raising fears that many will be shut out


Advice for media and Trump from two former presidential press secretaries

In a new era of pre-dawn tweets by the chief executive and myriad changes in media technology, we recognize that many of the traditions of presidential communications may change


Chris Vieson joins Congressman ​Shusters T&I Committee Senior Staff

Chris Vieson has been appointed Deputy Staff Director for the full Committee on Transportation and Infrastructure


Race for Chair of House Energy and Commerce Up in the Air

“I think the growing sense is that whoever Ryan wants will become the next chairman,” Vieson said of the race. “It would be the same for whoever is speaker.”


​No Change Expected to Senate Energy Committee Leadership

Chris Vieson, partner at PSW. who served as director of floor operations for former House Majority Leader Eric Cantor (R-Va.), told Bloomberg BNA there appears to be a good chance of getting a Senate Energy Bill in the lame duck.



With the election less than two weeks away, this report looks at how comprehensive tax reform would be addressed in the two most likely political scenarios.


PSW Partner Steve Eichenauer named as one of The Hill’s top lobbyists of 2016

Eichenauer, a former aide to Sen. Jack Reed (D-R.I.), runs the lobby shop that juggles advocacy and coalition management for clients.


​Speaker Ryan Tweaks Committee Assignment Process

Committee placement can be vital to the well-being of that Member’s district. It is the number one determinant of political clout, both for getting reelected and for shaping the direction of the Conference.


House GOP floats comprehensive revamp of the IRS in its tax reform blueprint

Floyd Williams of Public Strategies Washington, who was director of legislative affairs at the IRS for 16 years, told Morning Tax that there was good and bad among the proposed GOP changes.


​Nasdaq Talks to . . . Joe O’Neill about Key Issues for Public Companies in the 2016 Elections

Joe shared his thoughts about a number of issues impacting publicly-traded companies, including campaign issues, the First 100 Days, Trump's cabinet prospects, and the Trans-Pacific Partnership trade agreement.


Clinton-Trump Race Reveals Contrasts on Environment

Policy issues will likely play less of a role in this election “than in any other election we've had,” Vieson said. Rather, it could focus more on character and temperament, similar to the Republican primary that was largely driven by personality.


Questions Without Answers: So, What’s Changed?

With the election of Paul Ryan to Speaker, we were told things were going to change. So, what's changed?


​“Questions without Answers: Ryan and Riders”

Does Speaker Ryan take on the White House and Congressional Democrats by attaching the Syrian rider or a few of these riders onto the omnibus knowing how it plays out? And can he win?


PSW Partner Steve Eichenauer named as one of The Hill’s top lobbyists of 2015

Eichenauer, has clients in every sector and specializes in budget, trade and appropriations issues.


PSW Memo: Congressional Agenda- Fall Outlook

As Members return to Washington from the August recess, they face a number of pressing deadlines that will dominate the agenda for September and the months to come.


Public Strategies Washington named one of Bloomberg Government’s top performing lobby firms

Of roughly 1,500 registered lobbying firms that filed lobbying disclosure reports with the Senate, only 27 firms met all six of Bloomberg Government’s criteria for top performers.


Fall Session Offers Ex-Im Vehicles, But GOP Dynamics Pose Obstacle

The fall congressional session that kicked off this week will provide a slew of must-pass legislative vehicles to which supporters of the lapsed Export-Import Bank may seek to attach a reauthorization.


​CQ WEEKLY – Features: Rebirth of a Presidential Salesman

Chris Vieson offers insights to CQ Weekly on the President's relationship with Capitol Hill.


PSW Memo: Congressional Agenda- July Outlook

PSW's partners report on what to expect during the upcoming July work period on Capitol Hill.


​Inside U.S. Trade: Fincher Says Ex-Im Supporters Have Votes to Approve Charter On House Floor

PSW Partner Chris Vieson, who was previously an aide to former House Majority Leader Eric Cantor, said he believed Fincher's best option was to wait for the Senate to send a bill to the House.


​Bloomberg BNA: Rand Paul Seeking Republican Nomination For President, Opposes Most EPA Regulations

PSW Partner Chris Vieson offers insights to Bloomberg BNA on Rand Paul and the 2016 Republican field on environmental issues.


Inside U.S. Trade: House Dems Lose Procedural Votes On Ex-Im; Use Outcome To Pressure GOP

Chris Vieson, a partner at Public Strategies Washington who was previously an aide to former House Majority Leader Eric Cantor, agreed that staged votes like the ones held this week put pressure on the House Republican leadership to act on Ex-Im.


Bloomberg BNA: Senate Finance Panel Working Groups Pushing Ahead on Tax Overhaul Efforts

PSW Senior Counsel Floyd Williams moderated a Senate Finance Committee panel on tax reform at the annual Federal Bar Association Tax Law Conference.


​Roll Call: Cantor’s Top Aides: Where Are They Now?

Most of Cantor’s aides have found permanent spots— in the private sector, on Capitol Hill or on the campaign trail— after the Virginia Republican's surprising loss in a June primary.


Longtime House Republican Leadership Aide Joins PSW

Chris Vieson brings nearly a decade of Hill experience to the firm.


​Real Clear Politics: ALS Supporters, Get to Know SMA

PSW client FightSMA has been leading the charge to find a cure for spinal muscular atrophy for over two decades. RCP's Carl Cannon takes a look at the organization’s efforts to combat the disorder through the passage of NPRNA.


PSW Spotlight: So Much To Do, So Little Time

Despite a limited number of legislative days on the calendar, PSW Partner Nancy O’Neall writes that Congress has to deal with a full plate before the 113th Congress adjourns.


POLITICO: Lawmakers turn to stealth tax measures

PSW Senior Tax Counsel Floyd Williams offers insights to POLITICO as Congress explores avenues to raise revenue.


PSW Spotlight: An Inside Look at the Race for the Senate

Six years after solidifying control of the Senate, Democratic incumbents face serious headwinds. While many pundits are predicting 2014 will be a banner year for the GOP, it’s a little premature to roll out the champagne at Republican headquarters.


The Hill: Lanny Davis: Lessons from a legend

Today, McCurry is reminding all of us that it is possible to reconcile strongly held political views with scriptural values of decency, tolerance and respect for others.


​Washington Post: Former Clinton spokesman Mike McCurry finds his faith, marries it with politics

Known for his rough-and-tumble style at the White House, McCurry attempts to bridge faith and politics.


​The Hill: Confidence signal from IRS chief

Floyd Williams, a longtime former IRS staffer, said Koskinen is trying to isolate the targeting controversy to broaden the public’s focus.


PSW Spotlight: State of the Union Address

State of the Union addresses are among the few public appearances by those who would lead our nation as chief executive which take on enormous importance in proposing a vision and direction for the nation.


​Bloomberg:Obama IRS Choice Poised to Win Approval for Thankless Job

PSW Senior Counsel Floyd Williams Comments to Bloomberg News about Incoming IRS Commissioner.


​PSW Client FightSMA Leads the Way for Passage of the National Pediatric Research Network Act

On November 27th, President Obama signed into law the National Pediatric Research Network Act, marking a major legislative victory for PSW client FightSMA.