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Insights  —  The Hill

Time to work out the flaws in White House press briefings

President Trump on Friday floated the idea of canceling the long-standing daily press briefing, suggesting handing out written responses to questions instead "for the sake of accuracy."

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Insights  —  Boston Globe

Tourist areas fear a worker shortage under visa rules

Thousands of companies across the country are competing for the limited number of visas on a first-come, first-serve basis, raising fears that many will be shut out

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Insights  —  Dallas Observer

Clinton Press Secretary Speaks at SMU About Church and Restoring Civility to Politics

“I think a lot of people are paying closer attention to politics now because they see more consequences,” McCurry told the Observer

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Insights  —  ​USA Today

McCurry, Fleischer debate White House turmoil under Trump

There has not been a president since George Washington that thought the press was fair and balanced.

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Insights  —  Columbia Journalism Review

Advice for media and Trump from two former presidential press secretaries

In a new era of pre-dawn tweets by the chief executive and myriad changes in media technology, we recognize that many of the traditions of presidential communications may change

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Speaker Ryan Tweaks Committee Assignment Process

Committee placement can be vital to the well-being of that Member’s district. It is the number one determinant of political clout, both for getting reelected and for shaping the direction of the Conference.

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Questions Without Answers: So, What’s Changed?

With the election of Paul Ryan to Speaker, we were told things were going to change. So, what's changed?

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Questions without Answers: Ryan and Riders

Does Speaker Ryan take on the White House and Congressional Democrats by attaching the Syrian rider or a few of these riders onto the omnibus knowing how it plays out? And can he win?

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Insights  —  Bloomberg BNA

Bloomberg: Obama IRS Choice Poised to Win Approval for Thankless Job

On November 27th, President Obama signed into law the National Pediatric Research Network Act, marking a major legislative victory for PSW client FightSMA.

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