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The Hill's Top Lobbyists 2021

BY THE HILL STAFF - 12/01/21

K Street played an outsized role in this year’s policy debates, working behind the scenes to reshape the COVID-19 relief package, bipartisan infrastructure bill and Democrats’ climate and social spending plan. The transfer of power following the 2020 election — along with trillions of dollars in new federal spending and proposals to transform various sectors of the economy — sparked a lobbying boom in Washington.

In one of the busiest years on record for the D.C. influence world, these are the people who wielded their connections and knowledge most effectively for their clients. The list highlights the broad range of talents needed to achieve success in the industry.

Not all of those honored on this list are registered lobbyists. But they are all key players who the nation’s biggest companies, advocacy groups, labor unions and trade associations turn to when they want their voices heard in the nation’s capital.

The ranks of policy experts, influencers and advocates run deep in Washington, but these are the people who stand out for delivering results for their clients in the halls of Congress and the administration.


Steve Eichenauer, Patrick O’Neill and Chuck Brain, Public Strategies Washington

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