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In Washington, every opportunity, threat, and engagement is a moving target. A winning campaign requires a smart strategy, the right resources, and a steady hand.

Turning Red Tape into Shovel-ready

A leading U.S. renewable energy company ran into a tangle of red tape while trying to build a project in the Texas Panhandle.

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PSW Weekly Round-Up - 6/24

This week on the legislative front will see House action on appropriations and possible Senate passage of the defense authorization act. On the political front, 20 Democratic presidential candidates will take to the debate stage, 10 on Wednesday and 10 on Thursday.

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News  —  Politico

Filing season concerns creep back

Yet another alarm bell has sounded on a possible delay in the upcoming tax filing season.

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News  —  Fort Worth Star-Telegram

Pro-NAFTA Democrats worry liberals could kill the renegotiated deal

“We need some people to counter those messages among the freshmen Democrats,” added O’Neill, who worked on NAFTA’s original implementation as a top aide for former Texas Sen. Lloyd Bentsen more than two decades ago.

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